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Jerick Edna

Not much information is given. She is however from Universe 20-03 and also is in the Backrooms. She however likes to torture entities for her own entertainment and enjoys it to its fullest.

She also has an unknown power that lies in a white streak of her hair. Presumably made from stress.

She has plans but you'll never know when she'll carry them out. Who knows. She could be planning to kill you. But you won't even know of it before it's too late. Being her universe's #1 threat and god in the Backrooms, it's safe to say that when your time comes, you won't be doing much to save yourself.

More about that white streak, she is capable of doing the following with it:

Enhanced Power
Access to her Bloodlust form
Able to kill in gruesome ways
Time Travel
Reversing Time
Forwarding Time
Messing with the reality clock, a clock that links all time in reality
Access to the see-through world, able to determine her enemy's next moves easily
Able to enhance her fighting style, using mostly Hinokami Kagura, a breath that enhances damages done to enemies
and many more.

She also seems to have a link to ENtity 02-C. Not sure how, but she does.


-She always plans to kill everyone she met.
-Whether she likes you or not, you'll always die by her hands.
-Those she likes are given less painful and gruesome deaths. Can't say the same for the people she dislikes.
-In her universe, she is the prime leader of her version of The Wandering Traders.
-In her universe, PC is a co-leader and he is in his human form. Though he is smart.
-In her universe, there is no monkey present. Proud is just proud himself.
-In her universe, Ari is a genocide. He has been kicked from the group before, but was brought back for reasons.
-In her universe, Kairon had joined the group late.
-In her universe, both Cayla and Fly are absent but present. Just not in the group. Though they have partnered with the group before.
-Her universe has two times the entity size than the present reality.
-Like her other counterpart JE, she can travel between the Backrooms and the Frontrooms whenever she likes.
-She uses a Knife, a Sword and her trusty Axe which is her original weapon.
-She named her axe, 'The Decapitator' as she uses it to cut entities head off.
-She has killed as much entities as people.
-She can be mischievous at times, playing into her part of being part-good and part-evil.
-She isn't considered a villain but her actions in the past says otherwise.
-Despite her nature, she likes exploring the Backrooms like JE. However, it is only to kill entities.
-She's kind but of course, kindness can kill.

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