Ari Character Wikipage

Name: Ari
Nicknames: Red Hoodie Guy, God's Soldier

Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birthday: April 20th
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Relatives: Katelyn (Mother), Eric (Father), Michael (Brother)
Status: Alive
Occupation: Leader, Soldier of God (reportedly lost due to "Soulless" Mimic encounter where it was mimicking Ari)
Affiliation: Wandering Traders, Hunters of Hunters

Past Education: North Summit Elementary and Middle School (Elementary and Middle School), North Summit High (High School).

"I've come close to death many times, but I always find a way." -Ari

Appearance: 25 year old male with black spiky hair and green eyes.
Information: Ari is friendly and nice, yet can be harsh at times. Ari is weak with fists but is a master swordsman.
Extended Information: Ari prefers to use the katana due to how quick he can attack with it, which pairs well with how agile Ari is.
Early Days: Ari was born in Seattle, Washington in 1998. As a kid, his parents were always at work, so he had only his imagination and toys to keep him occupied after school. Due to this, Ari had a great imagination and made many friends at school. In High School, Ari joined the Literature Club and met Kimi, Riza, Mika, and Sam. In senior year, Ari was transported to a different universe due to the MKA, but he was still somehow registered at North Summit High, so he continued going to school until he graduated. Years later, Ari was relaxing at home when he noclipped.

Trivia: Ari likes Dr. Pepper. Ari has a crush on JE. Ari's favorite animal is the domesticated dog. Ari's favorite color is green. Ari is on a diet, but still likes to eat pizza every once in a while. No matter how much Ari exercises, Ari remains wimpy.

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