Ari's Guide to Surviving The Backrooms

So, you were unlucky enough to noclip into The Backrooms, there's a high chance you'll die unprepared, but what if you were prepared? That's what this guide is for. I'll give you tips and tricks on Level's 0-6.1 and everything in between from entities, groups, and sub-levels for your journey to Level 11. I will assume you have nothing on you. Well then, let's get started.

Level 0

So, you're likely to end up here when you noclipped, this place isn't very dangerous. The only real danger is the fact you are unlikely to find anyone. This place is approximately 600 million square miles and the buzzing of light can decrease your sanity. To survive, try to noclip into a wall which seems out of place. If you here something, do not run, walk away calmly. If you see a balloon or confetti, you must run in the opposite direction. When torn wall papers are in your sight, you must vacate the premises immediately. Almond water is common in this level and are safe to drink. If you caught an entity in the corner of your eyes, do not panic, walk away and if the entities are chasing you, run as fast as you can and try to hide in bases. The top priority is finding a base as there are supplies there. They are always located 60 meters, 200 meters, and 10 kilometers away from your arrival. If you can't noclip, hope you find an exit before you die of dehydration.

Level 1

You may have ended up here as well when you noclipped. This is where you'll likely first find entities, so be very careful. The main group here is the M.E.G (Major Exploring Group). They are pretty friendly, and you probably ask them to guide you to Level 11. But you might not be so lucky to find them. The true danger is when the lights go out. When they do, entities roam the Level. To get to Level 2, go down a long hallway. Whatever you do, don't do noclip into a painting on the ceiling. =)

Level 2


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