Backrooms Associations

Heyo! Again, this is just a test. As many of you know, I'm on my decision to leave the Backrooms once and for all. This is a official group I'll be establishing and it'll focus more on getting word out about the Backrooms in the Frontrooms. It is also a way for people like me to still be able to communicate with my friends alike and make sure everything's alright

I'm just glad to have thought of this. I know that once you're truly out of the Backrooms, your communication with friends and peers you've made are completely separated to avoid further repetition of no-clipping into the Backrooms again. In so, this group like system helps me to connect through a safe created server that allows connection from the Backrooms to the Frontrooms.

It is also worth mentioning that I might have found someone to pass down my family's bloodline down to. Raffy and Kuv are currently my newer generation of the bloodline but soon enough, it'll be passed down through either of them. Though, Raffy already has a child. I've been notified. Kuv is still in the process so I think…. If I have no options, I'll have to go with that newly born child. She is my only hope. OUR hope. To make this bloodline successful. That is all. This painting's still bothering me heh. See you soon. Hopefully.

~ Joy

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