Entity 67
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Danger Level: HAZARDOUS Friendly and fun! =)

Rarity: Common

Habitat: Level 119, Level 188, Level Fun =).

Description: Partygoers are VERY DANGEROUS very friendly! =) Even though they are slow and easy to kill (Why would you want to kill us? =) ), they are very hazardous friendly! =) If one latches onto you, it is already to late to not join the party! =) You have to tell your friends or anyone near you to run as far as they can also join the party! =) They latch onto wanderers to transform them into Partygoers or kill you to turn you into cupcakes help them party! =) Do not approach one unless you truly know what you are doing is worth the risk that you want to join the party! =) God save you if there's a horde of them you aren't invited to the party! =) DO NOT TRUST ANY MESSAGES WITH A SMILE (like this =) ) AT THE END Trust all messages with a smile at the end, not the messages that don't! =)

Do's and Don't's:

Stay away Be friends with us! =)
When one latches on to you, either kill yourself or tell everybody to run as you try your best to resist the infection(?) Stay at the party! =)
Stay near them Stay away from us! =)
Let one latch on to you We don't bite! =)

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