Entity 0
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Danger level: Hostile
Rarity: Only 1 left
Habitat:: In Level 102 only

Description: Entity 0 or "The Doggy" is a black bipedal faceless humanoid creature. It is docile in its idling state. But when it spots a wanderer, it begins to stalk them from the ceiling. Once they are noticed they will shatter the human heart by casting a deep shadow. It is called the doggy as it behaves like a dog in its idling state. Sometimes when it is too cold, it can look like a hound.

Do's and Don't's:

Look at the ground as much as possible.
Ignore the panting dog sound from the ceiling
Wear a blind fold if possible

Attempt to kill as this will only agitate the entity to shatter your heart
Look at the ceiling
Mock the entity
Touch him

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