Entity 10
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Danger Level: Hostile when seen in naked form
Rarity: Very common
Habitat: Levels with danger levels neutral through beyond deadzone

Description: Skin stealers are only friendly when the wanderer does not see in its naked form, or provoke them. A skin stealer resembles a human being but biological characteristics include, red or white eyes, 7.8 feet tall, skin that are "lose", speaks in a very slurred manner and seemed to be out of place. Skin stealers will lure their prey by acting as a human before killing them by surgically removing the victim's skin and the victims always claimed that the entities stole their skin. Hence the name skin stealers. Possibly related to Entity 776, the "Soulless" Mimic.

Dos and Don'ts:
Stay away from a human being that looks out of place
Run away from them
Kill it if safe to do so

Try to capture it
Touch it
Provoke them in their non- naked form
Fall for their trap

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