Entity 15
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Danger Level: Extremely hostile
Rarity: Common in dark areas
Habitat: Shadows

Description: Wretches or also known as insanities are normal human beings that have transformed into wretches due to stem deprivation of internal needs such as sanity levels, food, water and possibly oxygen. They are skinless and teethless. Their speed can be 2 or 3 times faster than a normal human beings probably due to the absence of myostatin and continuous basal metabolisms. Wretches undergo 3 stages of transformation however will not be able to revert to their normal self again.

The three stages: Stage 1 is the most unnoticable of all which is the extreme anxiety or worridness which can be mistaken for something else, but if this goes unnoticed, they might not be the ones you would remember. Stage 2 always occur 72 hours of copious anxiety and thirst and hunger. Their skin will turn extremely red and teeth yellowing for no reasons. This is the last chance that they could revert, if not it would be futile. Stage 3 is what most wanderers end up in Level 6, to catch up, stage 3 is deformation of limbs and shape. Teeth fall out and the skin will be skinned. The being will go extremely crazy.

Dos and Don'ts
Help your friend when hes in stage 1 or 2
Run away when red blotches are more common
When you still have a human mind, tell others to warn people about your predicament
If you think stage 1 & 2 is unavoidable you must try to hide and stay as far away from the people of your surrounding as much as possible.

Attempt to restore their human function
Kill them in stage 1 & 2
Hug them
Ignore signs of transformation JOIN US

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