Entity 224

Danger level: Extremely safe
Habitat: Level 100
Rarity: Left 682

Description: This entity is a rare variant of the original welly. This variant has multiple fruity colours for its skin. This welly sounds high pitch "Welli!" When this creature is around, It emits a smell of citrus that attracts wanderers. The variant seemed to be smaller than the other variant. This variant was extremely rare and is discovered in level 100. It has been thought that the Incident take took place 4 years ago has caused its radiation to affect the species of welly. Notably, this Welly rarely closes its eyes unless it's been tempered or is threatening/panicked.

"Panick mode": When the creature is harmed in any way, the eyes squeeze shut and will spew out any spikey fruit etc. durians. So far, its accuracy has been very precise.

Population boom in 2022 August 18-21

Population lost: 8

Population gained: 640

Initial population: 50

Dos and Don'ts:
-Feed it
-Love it
-Take care of it
-Hide when its in panick mode

-Harm it
-Attack it
-Get hit by the fruit

Diet: Marshberries, Gallowing Blues, Liquid Sugar
[ In panick mode, sometimes it NOT daren't ate skin stealers, which skin stealers are afraid of panick mode ]

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