Entity 225

Danger level: Very safe
Rarity: Cluster II and III levels.

Entilogy: This entity stands at least 80 cm tall with at least 20 to 40 cm in width. It has a very unique diet that consists of salted eggs and salty sugars. Similarly, its appearance and shape are similar to that of Entity 223 and it is theorized that it is a mutated version of it after the nuclear explosion that happened 20 years ago in level 1. In the middle of the forehead, it has a circular shaped-sapphire-like gem situated there. It uses the gem as a telekinetic power to reach high-hanging fruit or objects that it had dropped by accident. This entity loves hugs and it will wobble towards the nearest humanoid stranger. When engulfed in the entities' grey-skin, a surge of endorphin will immediately invade brain receptors, giving it eternal happiness.

honestly who doesn't love them

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