Entity 361
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Danger level: Extreme hazard
Rarity: Pziferent ( less common but more common in other levels )
Entity Code: E361-L80L71L1998


Description: This entity is a book. The book is a 1980s storybook and it consist of 980 pages. The cover page is a hard cover appearance of a harry potter but with disfigured characters. The book emits an aura which tempts the victim in a 5 meter radius, afterward, it forces the victim to read. The contents are incomprehensivable as it is not spoke by the common tongue. The victim describes the story as emersing and enjoyable. At page 450 the reader will suddenly stop as if it to say that they have lost their interest. After 4 days, there will be the an eerie entity similar to that of the fictional characters of entity 361. It will kill the wanderer after 4 days. After words, 1 more page is added to the book. It is said that the entity doesnt stop hunting you once page 450 is read. Someone by the name of nine reached page 789 and was eaten by an entity called seven. It is easy for readers to snap out of the trance.

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