Entity 39
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Danger Level: Dangerous
Rarity: Common in Level 8 and The Hive
Habitat: Where ever the queen takes them

Description: This entity is the Arachnids of level 8. They could possess 8-12 appendages and can reach one out to strangle wanderers if they are not careful. The Arachnids are extremely venomous and can kill 3 adult wanderers with just only 2 milimeters of poison. They will use their fangs to inject poison typically onto the human head. The Arachnids always obey the queen Arachnids and will bring food to the queen Arachnid which is even more dangerous as it can shoot webs to trap victims. The Arachnids are 1/2 of human height. The Arachnids are attracted to sweet things such as honey or maple syrup.

Dos and Don'ts:
When attacked, try to use sweet liquids to lure them away
Avoid Level 8 at cost
Use scissors to cut free of the venomous Arachnids web

Try to tame them
Capture their Queen
Be their food, they will let you go if you reek of wine
Try to attack them

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