Entity 4
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Danger Level: Hostile
Rarity: Common
Habitat: Dark Areas

Description: The deathmoth is 6 times more nigger and more hostile than the frontrooms moths. Deathmoths can spit acid and are capable to lay eggs in any environment. Their wings resemble skulls if not dark spooky colors of it. Deathmoths can be found in clusters or singular. Their acid can dissolve almost everything but somehow unable to dissolve a human skin, but can lead to a third degree burn. They are however easily stunned.

Dos and Don'ts:
When one is attacking you, stun them by hitting their wings as hard as possible. [ it should be easy as they are really big ]
Spray pesticides if possible
Stay away from the cluster of deathmoths
Avoid their acids by wearing thick clothings

Attempt to capture one
Hit their face
Steal their eggs
Expose yourself to them

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