Entity 482


Class Variable

  • Hostile/Peaceful
  • Mindtorturing
  • High Notice

Entity Code: 0482-A
Danger level: Hostile when 'provoked'
Rarity: 1 copy left
Habitat: Unknown, have been spotted in many locations
Threat Level: On high notice, it has been moved from its last location.

Description: Entity 482 is a painting depicting a girl who seems to be asleep. It is unknown who the artist is, but it is highly recommended to not make any contact with it. From past records, contacting and interacting with it will send their victims in a state of delusion. Not complying with h̷̢̳̘̣͈͠ě̴̛̻̙͔̔̑̕͝ͅͅṛ̷͖͇̤͌̎̅͂ —- the painting's so called, 'needs' and 'requirements' typically resulted in deaths unexplainable to nature nor anything else.

Dangers: Victims were found in very gruesome ways. Some bodies were found to be contorted in ways that no such being could be able to do. Others are barely explainable and some are mostly considered as 'self-harm'. That is if you comply and interact with the painting. The various mysterious deaths caused by this painting alone made a name up for itself, 'Death Palette'.

Additional Information: The painting seems to have no color but it is rumored to have color. The victims who interact with it seems to be doing its 'requirements' in order to get its color back. But that's just a theory. No one knows what is the painting's 'motive'. While the painting has it's own story, nothing much is known about Entity 482-B. The girl in the painting. Rumors of a gap in reality allows the entity to cross over from just a singular painting into the real world.

Picture of the Painting and Entity 482-B during a victim's last moments
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