Entity 5
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Danger Level: Neutral
Rarity: Uncommon in most levels but common in levels 2,3 and 10
Habitat: Tight corners

Description: Entity 5, otherwise known as clumps, are a strange ball of limbs. They consist of human hands with opposable thumbs, as well as human legs that can run extremely fast. Clumps can be made out of more than 20 human limbs. Most clumps are friendly, however, the ones in level 2 and 3 are extremely hostile. Their hands can reach up to 7 feet long. They can grab their prey so tight that they sometimes fracture a bone. Once they grab their prey, they will reveal a set of razor sharp teeth that can tear the victim to pieces. Most of the clumps have white skin and rarely, an eye at the center. They possess little human intelligence but are very sensitive to the vibrations on the ground. They can also be found in groups of 4-8. Clumps might always be hungry, so it is best to avoid them as much as possible, even though they are friendly.

Do's and Don't's:
Neutralize a hostile clump [ if safe to do so ]
Walk lightly
Ignore friendly clumps as they can sometimes betray you
Make as little noise as possible
Avoid damp and dark corners

Attempt to attack a friendly clump
Stomp on the ground
Attempt to feed them

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