Entity 6
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Danger level: Timid yet hostile
Rarity: Common in levels 1-35
Habitat: Corridors and dark areas

Description: Dullers are black humanoid creatures that lacked facial features such as an eye or nose. Dullers wanders in corridors and dim-lighted areas. When they see a wanderer, the become timid, and will run away. However, some dullers attack them instead by using their arms to noclip the wall, grab a wanderer at the opposite side of the wall and pull them into a pocket dimension. However, the where to victim ends up is unknown. Dullers can run fast but will be stunned when shunned with light. Dullers hunt in packs and rarely, alone. Dullers hates almond water, they avoid almond water puddles and fountains when they see them.

Dos and don'ts:
Shine your light at them
Drench yourself with almond water if it is the last resort
Run away and hide when there is a pack

Taunt them
Be at the opposite side of the wall
Try to attack them

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