Entity 70

Entity Code: 070
Danger Level: Passive Aggressive, Hostile

Entity 70 is shown to express maturity and sophistication. She has extensively long, straight, dark purple hair and light purple eyes, and she wears purple barrettes on both sides of her head, positioned upon two prominent strands of hair beside her bangs.

She wears the standard school uniform consisting of a warm gray blazer, brown sweater vest, white shirt slightly unbuttoned at the collar, red ribbon, dark blue pleated skirt, white knee-high socks, and white uwabaki slippers with sky blue tips. When the one chooses to work with Entity 70, she wears a beige turtleneck sweater with black leggings. Her movements are surprisingly elegant due to her long legs.

Entity 70 is the tallest out of the crew, standing at 5' 5" (165 cm), She is also the most physically developed, adding to her traits of maturity and insecurity.

She is portrayed as being shy, generous, polite, apologetic, very intelligent, mature, eloquent, and passionate about topics she is interested in, although she is also very insecure, awkward, and has a tendency to act slightly condescending and patronizing to mask her self-doubt. Her fa├žade of passivity and level-headed nature occasionally breaks, however, as she does argue passionately and aggressively with Entity 68 over their differing opinions on writing styles. She has a deep desire to be liked by others and is afraid to speak her mind on matters as she believes it will make her seem unlikable. Due to her social ineptitude, she can be innocently insensitive, but once she realizes what she said could be considered rude, she almost immediately apologizes, repeatedly saying she did not mean it. As stated by the protagonist, she likes to think before she says something.

Entity 70 is the "shrinking violet" (a term to describe someone who prefers to blend in with the scenery than to attract unwanted attention) or "dandere" of the club members due to her constant apologetic nature. The attribution is also because of being shy to discussions beyond her category of interest, her interests being literature, horror, and general surrealism, which she examines and articulates expertly and encourages others to follow as well.

She also loves knives.

Related Aliases - Yuri, Entity 1.2, Mika

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