Entity 776
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Danger Level: Hostile
Rarity: Only One
Habitat: Anywhere

Description: The "Soulless" Mimic is a cunning creature, seemingly similar to the more well-known Skin Stealer. Sadly, we don't have any idea on what it looks like. It's method of killing is unknown, but it is known to play with it's victims by mimicking their appearance nearly perfectly, it has been noted that this regularly causes massive drops in sanity. You can recognize the "Soulless" Mimic by noting anyone's appearance.
Knowing What The "Soulless" Mimic Looks Like: You can tell the "Soulless" Mimic apart from a normal person by two main features. The features to note are… "Is his/her skin paler than normal?" "Is he/she acting differently than normal?" "Is his/her eyes just pure black voids?" If you answer yes to any of those questions, you are in immediate danger.
Victims: Victims have been mostly unknown as their deaths have been noted as being caused by different entities, but Ari has recently reported being attacked by the "Soulless" Mimic. Reported to have caused Ari to lose his Harbinger position.

Do and Don't:
Stay away from the "Soulless" Mimic at all costs.
Note any suspicious behavior to the Wandering Traders, we'll get it sorted out.
Attempt to fight it, we don't know what it's capable of.
Accept death, always attempt to flee.

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