Entity 8
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Danger level: Hostile
Rarity: Common
Habitat: In jungles, cities and sometimes offices like Level 0 and Level 1

Description: Entity 8, or hounds to be specific, are a quadruplet, meaning that they walk on four legs. They resembles a german husky only with slight differences. They malnourished, they are completely black, they will attack if victims act rashly, they can be tamed by feeding them the apple from Level 62 and Level 63. Hounds normally are found in packs of 4 to 5. You will know their presence by a sinister growl. An unknown wanderer took a video about a hound encounter, and he is presumed dead. Hounds can run fast, sometimes slow. Sometimes they cannot differentiate between plastic and air.

Do's and Don't's:

Back away slowly
If you have an object, throw at their direction to distract them
Manage as much distance as possible between the hound and yourself
Cover entrances with plastic to prevent hounds from reaching you

Attack a hound
Run away [ this tells the hound that you want to be its meal ]
Try to tame it in its angered state
Antagonize it

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