Entity 9
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Danger level: Safe when adult
Hostile when child

Rarity: Population of >40 000 - 130 000 in Level 11 and offices such as Level 161 and Level 1
Habitat: In habitable spaces, mostly in Level 11

Description: The behavior of a faceling is truly unique, it behaves like a social person in public, it has an average intelligence of a human and can sometimes be found walking with a hound. As if the facelings have the hound as a pet. The faceling possesses almost all human biological characteristics, with the exception of their face. Their face does not resemble the aspects of a humans. Instead faceless, hence the name facelings. There are child facelings who sometimes act mischievously or kindly. Do be wary that the "mischievous" behavior can be stabbing ones body parts with a knife. However, when an adult faceling is nearby, the child facelings will behave normally. Unless provoked, the adult faceling will protect the child facelings away from the attacker. The child facelings are obedient towards to adult facelings and normally plays with and follows the adult facelings. It must be the reason that the adult facelings are their parents. Some wanderers even successfully communicate between adult facelings and themselves.

Do's and Don't's:
Stay away from child facelings
Treat the adult facelings nicely
Play with the child faceling when the adult faceling is nearby
Be polite to adult facelings

Try to attack a child faceling with an adult nearby
Be rude to them
Disrespect their boundaries
Attempt to capture them

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