Incident 002

Date: 1 December 2019
Casualties: 24 million people
Levels affected: The frontrooms

The first case of the entity 19 or so called "The disease" escaped the backrooms at found its way to the frontrooms. A person in china contracted the diseases and its labeled patient zero and the market as ground zero. He was rushed to the hospital after infected four people in the market. One of them is a high school student. The other is a constructionn worker and two doctors. Patient 1 , 2 , 3, 4 respectively. Patient 1 was in his calss when he coughs and potentially infected 25 other students and a teacher who went to a company and infected 5-20 people there. The construction worker died after a long higgh fever adding on the the heat and humidity. He infected 6 of his friend in the process. The two doctors infected the hospital after going through wards and wards. The result is catastrophic, twenty days later, the four comfirmed case jumped to sixty eight then two hundred and sixty six. The infected colleggues went to thailand and infected 6 people there. Because of the four people, the result had been the affection of more than 410 million people in the world.

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