Incident 22917

Incident Log #229(17)
Recorded: 22 September 2017, approx. 0200 hours UPDATED 12 DECEMBER 2021, APPROX. 15:00
Related Cases: Entity 68,Entity 69


On behalf of our discovery, it seems like there are certain entities who have access to the Frontrooms at will. This be of course, Entity 68 and 69. We may not know whether or not there are other entities of the same kind but we suspect there are due to many evidence that we have obtained. These entities are known to have their own mindset despite any control put upon them. They usually like to make friends before eventually driving their victims insane through various methods. The most common method is breaking the fabric of reality and becoming self-aware to the point where they are able to make you hallucinate and possibly go suicidal. Their victims are known to have very gruesome deaths however, one may take upon the liking of Entity 68. She is usually friendly towards male victims but still are not free from any effects. Below here is a list of the recorded victims of Entity 68 and their status. Not all are male. There may be more but this was the only victims we know as of now.

Jack Roland - Deceased, Jumped from Roof, 3 weeks after meeting Entity 68
Cecil Jackson - Missing, Last seen at Fortidue High on 14th June 2017
Adam Lotus - Deceased, Ripped his own guts and found dead in home, 2 weeks after meeting Entity 68
Mike Limo - Missing, Last Whereabouts Unknown
Carlos - Deceased, Found hanging in his bedroom by his friend and classmate, 7 weeks after meeting Entity 68
Lode Star - Missing, Last seen at Oakland Park on 20th January 2018
Zan - Missing, Last seen at [REDACTED] High School and was seen briefly having a conversation with Entity 68
Ari: Missing, Alive. Last seen at home by his mother.
Kuv - Alive
Steward Muc - Alive
Joy Edith - Alive, Missing
[REDACTED] - Alive

Victim Recounts

Steward was able to break and resist the effects of Entity 68 by making Entity 68 disheartened that he didn’t want to be friends with her. She was polite enough to accept it and therefore he was free from the entity’s grip. He still is suffering from PTSD due to his realisation of what Entity 68 was.

Kuv has survived unknowingly from Entity 68. Not much information is known.

Joy Edith has survived due to [REDACTED]. She is alive and well.

Zan is a pretty interesting recount as it comes from a friend who had last seen him talking to Entity 68 and also 69. Zan’s friend has provided that while he didnt get a glimpse of Entity 68’s appearance, they have however discovered Entity 69’s features. Entity 69 has a short height and impressive attitude at most times, while one would say she’s selfish, she’s just proud of whatever she does and is happy at most times. She also has pink hair with a red hairband. She acts rather cute and usually gets around helping people around her when no one’s watching. Zan’s friend has also stated that Entity 69 seemed to have a actual relationship with Zan and that they both used to always meet at the school’s cafeteria to have lunch together. There was one time where she was sad because he wasn’t present in the cafeteria. Zan’s friend also added one final note. Shortly after Zan’s disappearance, Class 2-4, their rival class had also disappeared unknowingly. The school had to go on curfew for a few months and sadly, the entire class of 2-4 had disappeared almost out of existence. It is to note that Entity 68 and 69 were in Class 2-4. Zan’s friend has made a final message for Zan.

“Zan, I don’t know where you are nor does anyone ever know where you went. Please come back. Everyone’s missing you and while some have moved on, I have not. I believe you’re still out there, somewhere, searching for home. Please come back. Don’t die on me.”

Ari also was almost driven insane and only escaped death by finding himself in the backrooms. He recounts being friends with Entity 68 and 69 for over a year, but only noticed the sanity effect 3 weeks before noclipping.


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