It Is Not A Dream
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Stuck in level 1. I was actually hungry I'm writing this so people will know I need help.
Encountered a glowing yellow beast
It was then I realised that a fricking yellow eyed beast is occupying level 1
It was no ordinary entity.
Level 1 was wrong
From what I heard, Level 1 is supposed to less dangerous
What if
What if the M.E.G. said was true
Sweet almond water of A-008
What if the anomaly they said was true
I do not see any skin stealers or smilers
And it is more quieter
Is it a dream?
Yes it must be a dream
A-008 cost 42 M.E.G. lives and if I do not get out of here
Low growl takes place
I am not taking any chances, there's nothing except a noclipable area on the ceiling
And there I remember myself noclipping the ceiling of Level 1, FATAL MISTAKE
I ended up in a partyroom.
The note on the table says they will be back very soon for the party
What party is this
Who is they
What are they?

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