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Joy Edna
Kanji: 喜んで
Rōmaji: Jōy Edna


Joy(by Friends)
JE(by Friends, M.E.G)
Yandere(by Niiashi)
Edna-kun(by Family)
Extro-introvert(by Hachiōji and Niiashi)

Gender: Female
Age: 21-25(Actual), 17(Backrooms)
Birthday: March 12th
Height: 188 cm(6’2)
Hairs: Brown Hair
Eyes: Brown with a Red tint

Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Hachiōji Edna(Brother)
Niiashi Saiko Edna(Sister)

Status: Alive, MIA
Occupation: Wandering Trader
Affiliation: Wandering Traders
Past Education:

Miyo Middle School
Kazehaya High School(Graduate of 2016)
Ichigo Institute(College)
Tokyo University of the Arts

I believe everyone deserves help. No one should be left alone and the last thing they’d ever want to meet is death. However, I won’t let that happen. As long as I’m still here and alive. I won’t let anyone die on my watch.

-JE, M.E.G Hirement Tape 234

Joy Edna(喜んで, JE) is part of the wandering traders group and she works in the Backrooms. She is a friendly trader who constantly got into trouble for alot of her dangerous activities when she had worked for the M.E.G. Most of her friends call her by her real name but the M.E.G came up with a nickname that she used to also go by during her high school days before the Backrooms. Now commonly going by her nickname JE, she was a normal person living in the Frontrooms. While she is an extrovert, she rarely goes out to meet anyone and barely striked up any conversations. She avoids any social interactions with boys as they usually creeped her out or didn’t felt comfortable being near one. As the same attitude as she always had, she’d always find ways to create trouble for others or herself.

She was born in Hayama, Kanagawa in Japan. From a japanese family, she often found hard for her to learn English and make it her basic language as she was afraid she’d forget about speaking her own language. She was the youngest child, together with her brother and sister, Hachiōji and Niiashi Saiko Edna. During her early life, she was always teased by her friends for being the prettiest girl in each class but yet she doesn’t want any boys. She was often bullied due to her extroverted and awkward attitude which usually led to her embarassing herself in front of public.

In middle school, she had difficulties finding a perfect hobby for herself until she eventually met another girl from Japan who was in the Art Club. They became friends and soon enough she found her passion for Art. Even topping her class in an Art test. Still used to Japan, she always greeted everyone as her senpais who usually had to teach her about things she didn’t know yet or at all.

As she attended High School, she found herself to be more comfortable being around everyone else and she eventually began to talk with boys as little as possible. Not much happened during her first year in High School aside from basically being the best tag player amongst her class. Moving to her second year in High School, she was more focused and serious and often found herself angry at her friends for doing the wrong things. Eventually she became kind again and throughout High School, the only thing she ever focused so much on was Art Club.

In her third year, she was more cheerful and playful than serious knowing that this might’ve been the last time she’d spend in Japan and also in High School. Lucky for her, Joy’s parents decided to stay abit longer in Japan which resulted in her able to take her College Entrance Exam in her final year of high school. Though, Hachiōji did better previously when he was in High School during when JE was a second year. Eventually she went to college and found her heart by easily making friends of course.

Not much is known during her college experience aside from that she still used to get into trouble and even more often than usual. After college she had a rough decision on whether or not to keep studying in Japan or move out to the United States. In the end, she proceeded to finish her education before moving to the United States where with her family, they reside and moved to New Hampshire.

From there she lived a happy life and eventually moved out with her husband together with her children, Raffy and Kuv. Shortly after joining the M.E.G promptly after she no-clipped into the Backrooms, she had gotten in trouble after she tried to wander off on her own. She was persistent enough that the M.E.G gave her permissions to travel on her own. Finding at most 18 new levels. As she found herself with the wandering traders, she set herself on multiple strange journeys. Eventually, she found herself at the right place.

Her appearance is rather normal. She is a very tall, muscular and toned build from practising taekwondo and kendo since a child before she went on to doing Art. Typically, during her high school days she would wear her school’s uniform with only a few buttons buttoned up. Her sleeves were usually missing a button to make her fit more comfortably. After a few incidents, she stopped wearing tights and wore high socks instead. There was also one time where she was forced to wear a bunny suit. She liked her “Bunny-Girl” outfit. She is however very light hearted in her behaviour despite how many troubles she had gotten into during high school. For a girl who was tall and muscular, she never showed any mean emotions. Her fluffy brown hair also stood out. She has since moved on from having fluffly hair to a much longer straight hair look. She does however keep her fluffy hair if she feels comfortable to do so. Her brown-red tinted eyes came from her sister, Niiashi who also has the same eye color just reversed as Niiashi’s eye color instead has a red-brown tint. This is a specialty since Niiashi has a more intimidating aura than JE. If Niiashi stares at you with malicious intent, better start running. It is rumored JE has the same ability to strike fear into people the same way but she’s just too kind to do it.


- Originally, JE was supposed to be more intimidating but from her logs in the Backrooms Sub-Reddit, that was changed.
- JE has had atleast 5 near death experiences. 2 in the Frontrooms and 3 in the Backrooms.
- Hachiōji was the first person to enter the backrooms. How JE knows is not really known but so far, Hachiōji has escaped into the Frontrooms somehow.
- JE can also have other emotions at times. Her most ones are being lustful and comedic.
- JE hates Raffy and Kuv but also loves them in a way.
- JE has a crush on almost everyone in the Wandering Traders group but never really expressed herself to any of them to a high extent.
- JE loves cookies.
- She loves when there’s girls as it makes her comfortable around them.
- JE loves Yakisoba Buns. Any kind will do.
- She loves plushies and loves cuddling with you! If your her closest friend of course.
- Niiashi nicknamed JE a “Yandere” because how she adapted Niiashi’s crazed stare only with a much more intimidating aura similar to a yandere’s.
- If she refers to you as Senpai, run. There’s a high chance she wants to kill you instead than loving you.
- One of her nicknames, “Extro-introvert" comes directly from merging extrovert and introvert together which is what, JE is!
- She was possibly the 10,485th M.E.G member.
- JE learned Niiashi’s death stare/crazed stare when she was only 8 years old, ended up scaring a few people with it aswell.
- She is part of the original Wandering Traders before the chaos.
- With her current arc, she can also split one’s reality at will if she decides to do so.
- With her current arc, she’s the third most powerful character.
- JE always carried a knife in her backpack just in case she needs it and trust me, she has found uses for it before.
- JE has a alternate version of herself, Alt JE. They both have different names and come from a different universe.
- Alt JE does not have any siblings.
- JE’s sister has not be mentioned once since she has never no-clipped into the Backrooms just “yet”.
- Niiashi’s death stare has killed someone before. It gets deadlier the more Niiashi gets angry.
- JE has killed someone before.
- JE has no connection to any literature club members. Never had.
- JE loves wearing jackets and baggy clothes since it hides her muscles! She has always never felt comfortable showing her built body.
- JE is a master at Taekwondo and Kendo.
- JE speaks fluent Japanese.
- It is unknown why JE is 6’2. She states it’s probably because of her muscles.
- Due to high consumption of it, she likes Almond Milk. However, she still prefers to drink other beverages.
- She loves skating
- JE can punch you as hard as she wants. She has made someone bleed by just a strong punch.
-JE has already planned on how she'll leave the Backrooms. "If I'm leaving ever, I'll reach Level 3999 for that matter and for any chance I get."

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