Kaironst's Character Wikipage

-Martin Maschinist

Aliases: Kaironst, Kairon, like the rinnegan guy (by Fly), the guy with the robo arm.

Sex: male
Age: 24 (biologically 22 due to discovering a way to stop aging)
Birthdate: may 3rd, 1998
Hair color: light brown
Eye color: right eye: brown. left eye: completely dark blue (no iris or pupil), with structures that seem like cracks in it. It also emits a blue aura when certain conditions are met. (an analisis revealed that the eye is biologically the same as the other one. The reason for the appearance change is the huge presence of "magic quarks" in it.
Race: Caucasian
Extra appearance detais: lost his right arm, Using a highly advanced prosthetic arm in it's place.


Mary maschinist (kaironst's twin sister): mentioned once, still works on meg's remains as a leader scientist.

Status: Alive(cyborg)
Occupation: Engineer, physicist and chemist
Affiliation: Wandering traders, part time forest ranger (on the crimson forest)

Information: not much is known about kaironst before he noclipped. He started on level 3999, though he decided to go deeper because of his apparent curiosity. He soon found his way to the crimson forest, and established his house in rosewood. After this, he was recruited by the B.P.D.T to stop a world threatening scenario, joining the wandering traders afer it was dealt with.

More extended info: [REDACTED]


Kaironst lost his arm while on the bpdt, trying to buy time before an enemy base's explosion.

Not much is known about kaironst's left eye, his relatives all accept it as a genetic trait, but there's something more about it.
Multi-dimentional travel seems to make the eye release the aforementioned aura.

Kaironst's family is stated to be biologically smarter than other common human beings, and he's considered a prodigy by their standarts.

Fly and Kaironst seem to be unable to agree with eachother unless it's about widespread common sense, or something is terribly wrong, this issue is assumed to be biological, although more study is required to confirm this.

Kaironst invented cold fusion

Kaironst has a robo-suit prototype he can activate to help him on fights

Although Kaironst's robo-arm uses soul energy, it's not his own. We don't talk about that one time.

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