Level 0
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The first picture ever taken of Level 0. Photographer unknown.

Danger Level: Neutral Hostile

Description: Level 0 is where most people end up when they noclip. There's always the same explanation, moist carpet, yellow walls, excruciating lights, etc. If you hear something, get any weapons and/or hide. The main danger of this Level is the fact that nobody has been found here. This makes finding supplies difficult, due to this, there are rumors that there are actually thousands of corpses. Anomaly 008 is infesting the Level so be very careful wandering around Level 0 until Anomaly 008 is neutralized.

The Redrooms: The Redrooms is an area discovered by penguinexplore. As the name implies, the area is red. There is an unknown black substance dripping from the ceiling. No entities have been spotted here as of right now.

Entities: Hounds have been found in Level 0 by PC. Also Anomaly 008 is in this Level, Anomaly 008 has been noted to be very dangerous. The Wandering Traders and several other groups are making active attempts to neutralize Anomaly 008. Skin stealers and possibly the fungal infestation are here as well.

Group Bases/Outposts:

BRRA Base 1: BRRA Base 1 is a base for the BRRA that is in Level 0, the only reason this base is even here is because PC has used his powers to let people see each other in the area. BRRA Base 1 seems to be friendly.
Wandering Traders Base Delta-5: A Wandering Traders Base built in Level 0 to aid newcomers to The Backrooms. Supplies are high and we let new wanderers stay as long as they need. Oddly u/penguinexplore found the area for this base when he found a person in Level 0.

Level 0 Exploration Log 1: Level 0 Exploration Log 1

Entrances/Exits: The way to enter Level 0 is by noclipping. Find a beige office in Level 11 and enter it to find yourself here. Managing to successfully outrun the entities of Level ! will teleport you here. Breaking the floor of Level 166 will land you in Level 0. You can exit into Level 1 by noclipping into a wall. You can also enter Level 20,001 by breaking a ceiling tile and entering the ceiling.

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