Level 0 Exploration Log 1

This is the first known exploration of Level 0 done by The Wandering Traders. This was a joint exploration done by The Wandering Traders and The B.P.D.T. This exploration takes place in Timeline [REDACTED]. Timeline [REDACTED] is the same as the timeline we live in except the Wandering Traders don't exist and the B.P.D.T does instead.

Explorers: Ari and Fly.

*Log Start*

Ari: Alright, audio is working.

Fly: But why record audio?

Ari: For archival purposes, duh!

Fly: Ok… What should I do now? Oh look, a window. I didn't know there was windows in Level 0.

Ari: Don't!

Fly: Oh there's confetti in there, I'm not dumb enough to fall for that.

Fly talks on the phone with somebody

Fly: Like a bullet?

gunshots are heard

Fly: I accidentally shot a partygoer in the head. Trickshot.

Ari: Epic trickshot homie.

Fly: Should I start searching for those zombies?

Ari: I guess.

Fly: Ok.

footsteps are heard

Fly: Wait, why am I alone? Oh, I almost forgot my backpack companion.

Ari: Sorry for that, spell wore off.

Fly: It's ok.

Ari: The quicker we find and kill the zombies, the quicker we finish our self-made mission.

A loud feminine scream is heard

Fly: Oh, found it.

Ari: Alright. Oh dear, that poor thing, but I think it's what we're looking for.

Fly: I'm seeing it, the thing is just eating a girl. Should I approach it?

Ari: No.

screeching is heard

Fly: Fuck.

running and inhuman screaming is heard

Fly: It spotted me.


Fly: Think think think think think, gottem, noclipping is what I'll do.

noclipping sounds are heard

Fly: Oh fuck.

fighting and gunshots are heard

Fly: Ok, don't do that again, ever, pleas- oh you just regenerated, nice. Ari, are you still here?

Ari: Yeah.

Fly: Good, I killed him.

*End Log*

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