Level 1
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The first known picture taken of Level 1. Photographer unknown.

Danger Level: Vague Evident
Description: Level 1 is similar to Level 0 with multiple differences. It has white concrete walls, entities there are much more common, light bulbs are quieter and walking into very dark places will allow Anomaly 008 to devour its victim. Level 1 contains machinery which does not seem to work. The ceiling is sometimes tiled or tilled. There is a good chance to find crates randomly around Level 1. These crates hold many odd and random items. It is not advisable to use electronic devices as it can be easily be edited by partygoers.

Entities: Skin stealers, smilers, Hounds, Anomaly 008, clumps, facelings [ unlikely ], Partygoers [quite unlikely ], and windows [ if there is windows ]

Colonies: The M.E.G., the O7 organisation, the party =)

Entrances/Exits: Spend 4 days in Level 0 to end up here. Noclip through reality, [ small chance ], find an office in Level 11, noclip through the floor of Level Fun =). Climb into a large machine in Level 94 [ not advisable ]. To exit, find a dark wall that looks distorted. Noclip through the ceiling to also exit [ not advisable ]. Find a door that leads to Level 2. Wander around to somehow end up in Level 0. Find a very long narrow corridor which may lead to Level 2 or Level 3.

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