Level 10
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Danger Level: Minimal

Description:Level 10 is a mass farmland of wheat with fog so thick that wanderers will always end up in Level 11 or Level 9 very shortly. The wheat is inedible. The ground is moist and the fog may condense the wanderers vision. If the wanderer has wandered far enough, they will be greeted by a non-foggy area. There is absolutely no entities in the fog as they always get lost and end up in the levels mentioned above. However, there are some neutral entities in the non-foggy area.

Non-Foggy Area: This area comprises of a red and white tower with now a cornfield, the corn is not edible. When entering the tower, most wanderers end up in Level 63. The tower is about 200 meters high and the stairwell contains a lot of dust. As a result, some entities such as clumps can be found there but are friendly. The room of the tower is basic, a bed, a fridge, sofa with television and fancy lighting that will never run out of power. The fridge never runs out of food and the dining area is "5 star" described by wanderers. Just right outside the tower, is an entity called the farmer. He is mostly harmless unless its night time or you attacked him.

Entities: Friendly clumps, the farmer, friendly lightings

Group Bases/Outposts: Family of farmland and outpost of hunger

Entrances/Exits: Noclip in a shrub in Level 9, enter a wheatfield in Level 11, noclip in the wheat in the grocery store of Level 500.. To exit, get lost in the fog to enter Level 11 or Level 9. Go in the tower to get a chance to end up in Level 63

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