Level 100
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This level has mysterious properties and undocumented entities but is proved to be safe

Danger Level: Unknown but I am pretty sure it is 80% safe.

Description: This is the most unknown level of the backrooms as this level is extremely hard to enter. It resembles a beach with colors that shone vibrantly in all spectars. There is a forest behind that leads to Level 63. But there is absolutely no entity in this level except friendly facelings which are extremely rare to find. This level is undoubtly quite relaxing as when people wants to explore more they always and up in Level 63. The waters are safe, as when the wanderer swims too far, it will teleport the wanderer back on the beach.

Colonies and outposts: Colony confused.

Entities: Rare facelings

Entrances and exits: Finding a beach on level 63 will lead you there but chances of that happening is 0.007%. Go to a beach in The Frontrooms and they chances of ending up there is 0.00000000000000000000000000000000002%. But if completed a king trial of Level 94 or following the Plush Dino from Level 18 there is about 2.6% chance of ending up here. To exit, simply walk into a forest to end up in Level 63.

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