Level 102
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Danger Level: Neutral [ Only dangerous if you look up ]

Description: Level 102 appears to a chinese market however all the stores are closed and are infested with clumps, skin stealers and smilers. The road is made out of white concrete and it seems that the sky is actually a grey ceiling. White light bulbs can be found occasionally around Level 102. Level 102 is dangerous as sometimes the floor might be slippery and one slip is guaranteed a broken nose. First aid kits can be found randomly on the walls and sometimes liquid pain.

Entities: Smilers, skin stealers, creepers, lightings, windows, clumps, death rats, death moths,"The Doggy"

Group Bases/Outposts: Due to the fact that it is an infinite narrow hallway, the making of outposts is very difficult. The salesman colony, lost customers colony

Entrances/Exits: There are only 3 known ways to leave and enter the place. One is to simply find a market in Level 11 and walking south of level 102 might bring you back in Level 11. The last way is to climb into the "I can't win" stall which will end up of you climbing into a cookie store of Level 6.1

CONCERNING "THE DOGGY": You have to read this in order to survive longer in level 102. Once you start your journey in level 102, a strange humanoid biepedial creature will stick on the ceiling, following the wanderer. If the wanderer looks up, the creature will literally cast a shadow in the heart, causing it to shatter, completely killing the wanderer. So a piece of advise is to NEVER LOOK UP

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