Level 103
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Danger level: Very Safe

Description: Level 103 is a facility stretch for 50 million miles. This facility is an Aysnc facility being lost after the accident in 1940. The facility is extremely empty and deserted. There is this effect called the "Nostalgia-Induced-Monosretretched-Effect" or "level 103 effect" will cause the wanderer to suddenly tear up for 5 minutes before ceasing. The facility has a variety of rooms there are available. The cafeteria provides food safely cooked by the facelings. They are friendly to wanderers. In between the testing room and the Portal room, there is a very long hallway. Some wanderer call it the safety hallway. There is a rare chance that the lights will flicker blue and if that were to happen, all facelings will gather around you and start dancing in the most disturbing yet familar manner. The lab contains test tubes which contains Skertysim. The containment area is mostly destroyed and only glass shards are present. The office is a comfortable place. There are plants and sofas with spruce bookshelves aligned vertically.Last but not least, the portal room is the area where monitors are made as that is the high security area. There is a portal in the middle that leads to level 0.

Entities: Facelings, PartyHelpers

Colonies and outposts: The survivors, Async recruit, Portal reconstructors

Entrances and exits:
-Noclip a brown surface in Level 89

-Enter the portal to go into Level 0
-While the lights flicker blue, closed your eyes for 45 seconds to end up in Level 20 001

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