Level 109
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Danger level: Corrosive

Description: The corrosive intensity of this level is 7. Of all the corrosion levels, this one is the lowest. It comprises of a large cave with no floor and no ceiling. There are spiders everywhere. The cave is full of mini caves and cliffs and driptstone that can drop and injure a wanderer. This level is very dark so is advisable to bring a torchlight. This level cave is made out of regular stone but cannot be mined.

Entities: Husks, Smilers, Dullers, Skin stealers

Colonies out outposts: Base beta 5, base omicorn 4, base alpha 14, and 78

Entrances and exits: Noclip a cave from Level 8 travel far enough in Level 666 or noclip the centre of town in Level 11. To exit, find a red door to enter Level 0 or Level 4.

Corrosion level: 7 ( harmless )

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