Level 11
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Danger Level: Safe

Description: Level 11 is a metrapolin city, similar to the ones in california and new york, that seems to go on forever. Wanderers can see occassional hounds and facelings walking socially along the sidewalk. There is a clinic that holds Anomaly 008, however, this clinic contains Anomaly 008 so Level 11 is known as a safe haven for wanderers in The Backrooms.
Entities: Passive Hounds have been spotted as well as passive Adult Facelings. Anomaly 008 is currently infesting a clinic in the Level, so be careful not to enter the sealed off clinic as Anomaly 008 is dangerous.

Group Bases/Outposts:

MEG Base Beta: A base for the MEG made in Level 11, they are pretty friendly from our personal experiences.
Wandering Traders Base Delta-1: A base for The Wandering Traders made in Level 11, we use this base for important things, like meetings.

Entrances/Exits: The main way people come across Level 11 is by following road signs in Level 9, but this is also a risky way to enter due to the entities in Level 9. You can also enter Level 11 through Level 6.1 by simply exiting through a sliding glass door. Another way to enter Level 11 is by going through a tunnel in Level 69. The final way to enter Level 11 (that we have discovered) is by leaving Level 6.5. You can exit Level 11 by going back where you came from Level 9. You can also exit Level 11 through an apartment building that leads to Level 13. Another way to leave Level 11 is to enter a sliding glass door that leads to Level 6.1. The final way to leave Level 11 (that we have discovered) is by entering a bar, doing so leads to Level 6.5.

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