Level 12
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Danger Level: Dangerous

Description: Apparently, 3 Anomaly 008 traces are found in this level. This level used to be safe until it was not 3 months ago. Anomaly 008 reproduced itself in here but the main room consists of an infinite large room that stretch on forever and ever with a small tables and chair with fancy lightnings surrounding it. Random objects can be found too. The anomaly may hide in the darkness which add to the dangers of this Level. However, every picture taken or video in this level will be somehow be censored straight away due to unknown reasons.

Colonies and outposts: The survivors [ 2 left ], Base delta 13 [ 3% structrual integrity ]
M.E.G. base camp [ 98% of the colony went missing ]

Entities: Anomaly 008, Skin stealers, Smilers in dark areas, possible hounds

Entrances and exit: Enter the ball room in Level 11, noclip the floor of level fun =) to get a chance to end up here. Go into a red house in Level 9 to get a chance to end up in here. To exit, noclip a darker wall paper to end up in Level 0, or sit on a chair to end up in Level 42 which is not advisable.

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