Level 123
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Danger level: Unsafe

Description: Level 123 takes place of an abandoned farm land with expired bodies of cattles and livestock and poetry. It is a layout of 8 wheat fields and a farm house in the middle of the land. The level is around 50 trillion miles in all direction. The farm house is empty aside from all of the hay stored inside of the house. Once the wanderer reached 50 trillion miles, a giant wall is demonstrated and the wall is very glitchy. Walking into it results in certain death.

Entities: The bloodborne virus, Watches, Smilers

Colonies and outposts: Farmers, The survivors, Wandering traders outposts emgal

Entrances and exits:

Noclip a wheat field in Level 10
Diving deep into an ocean in Level 11
Enter the forest in Level 9

Say "I wish to get out of level 10" to the farmer and you will be teleported here.
If you cooked the maize, there will be a fog, and you will found yourself in Level 10
Noclip the farmhouse to end up in Levell 8329

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