Level 13
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Danger Level: Dangerous

Description: Level 13 is a long hotel hallway with elevators that have floor numbers 19 to 21 with the button 13 all the way at the ceiling. The floor numbers depict the age of the hotel with 19 being the 19th century hotel and so on. The hotel always seemed to be the same, same number of entities, same number of doors in the infinite hallway. All the doors are locked but if you see a door which is 2022 or higher, stear clear of the door. This will unleash a black void that will suck anyone before crushing them and closing the door. The door numbers seemed to belong to a specific year of time and which the door number 1980 means year 1980. It seems that doors that are 2022 and beyond are unknown as due to the fact that events in the future years are not known and therefore replaced with an empty void. The lights of this hotel can shut off randomly, revealing millions of smilers and crawlers which can potentially lead to another crawler pandemic. However, they are less common in 21st floors but a new entity or called the Robotics will inject a killing substance once they caught their victim. So it is really dangerous to be in Level 13. Floor 13 is unknown when pressed, the wanderer claimed to saw a faceling holding an axe between a mirage of corpses. He was later saved by an elevator who malfunctioned and fell to the 20th floor.

Entities: Crawlers, Bloom fungi, Smilers, Dullers, Whispers, Revioosks, Death moths, Death rats, skin stealers and facelings

Colonies and outposts: Hotel managers, The 13 group, Base Alpha 14 [ to assisst wanderers ]

Entrances and exits: To enter, enter a green appartment building in Level 11, or find an elevator of Level 3 and press 13 to end up in level 13. You can also noclip a dark green area of Level 0 to end up here. To exit, noclip the doors to end up in the hub or press the elevator buttons in this manner, 21, 19, 20 , 19, 19 , 13 , 19, 20, 19, 21 to end up in The End [ 90% ] or Level 3999 [ 8% ] or The Promised Land [1.8%] or Level 4 office building [ 0.11%] or The Frontrooms [0.09%].

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