Level 130

Danger level: Safe



Level 130 depicts of a hospital that is filled with green passageways, this level is recently discovered by an unknown wanderer. By going 40 kilometers away from the entrance, the wanderer will feel an overpowering surge of nostalgia which they cannot resist. After 10 minutes, the wanderer will feel anxious and nervousness. Although the level is completely devoid of entities, the wanderer will feel an extreme bout of anxiety which might cause visual hallucinations of shadow children. In this level, wanderers can find sterilized needles, medicine and bandages to help their injuries. The almond water there is safe to drink. The green layout of the hospital stretches 40 kilometers. Afterwards, the hospital turns red and the anxiety amplifies by ten. This causes the wanderers to hide in cupboards, bed sheets and toilets. In the end, they get sent to Level 0 for being in the same location for 10 minutes.

There are no entities.

The true nature of this hospital is way beyond cruel. Safety is mirage that blinds away the danger. The danger are walked passed almost forty times during the journey. We are so blinded that we completely ignored their existence. It is not safe, do not get tricked

Entrance: Noclip any uneven surface to get a chance to teleport here or you can sleep in Level 801

Exits: Stay in the same location for 10 minutes to teleport to Level 0

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