Level 14
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Danger level: Dangerous

Description: Level 14 takes place of an abandoned military hospital with independent segmented cell holders. The hospital has corroded with water at ankle level. The tiles and the ceiling have been corroded. The operation room is where most entities lurk. Furthermore, the hospital is about 800 trillion miles, and there are about 70 billion floors to explore. There aee several holes which can lead to Level 119.

Entities: Doctors, Clums, Smilers, Skin stealers, Dullers, Wretches, Windows

Colonies and outposts: The military group camp, The nurses, The operation team and the military aid outpost.

Entrances and exits: Enter a randomized door in Level 11 to end up here. Find a severely damaged door in Level 2 to enter. You can also enter by noclipping any corrosion in the backrooms. Find a hospital in Level 303. Open a door from Level 1000 to end up here. To exit, noclip a black wall to end up in Level 0. Find a wallpaper and noclip into it to Level O9. Find a stainless steel door to enter Level 6.1 Last but not least, finding a perfect room will lead you to Level M.2.

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