Level 144
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Danger level: Unknown

Description: Level 144 is a colourful playhouse with child facelings inside. The playhouse is infinite and defies any law of geometry. There are shapes that twist and turn into an inhuman manner and there are staircases and slides that lead to no where. The playhouse stretches 40 miles above and sometimes, balloons and plastic toy ball can be seen falling down the ceiling. When the lights suddenly goes out, there will be children singing and you will see an unknown figure standing in the ball pit. The unknown figure is extremely dangerous and if spotted, he would teleport you to Level !

Entities: The unknown figure, Child facelings, Death moths

Colonies and outposts: The play, No more fun

Entrances and exits:
-Noclip the ceiling of Level 21
-Open a red door at The Hub

-Find and slide and slide down to end up in Level 119
-Rarely, a window can be found and will lead to Level 188
-Submerge yourself fully in the ball pit to end up in Level 66

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