Level 15
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Danger level: Safe

Description: This level takes shape of an asylum. The place looks worn down and there is doors that lead to specific rooms like the office or jail cells. In the jail cells are hostile adult facelings. It is very difficult to traverse through as lights flicker almost every 4 seconds, which gives a headache. There is an infinite number of rooms and the elevator leads to the same floor again and again. There is almost no entity there but the visual effects can cause anxiety. If someone flicks of the switch, the hostile facelings would be free but other than that the asylum is over all safe to explore.

Entities: Hostile facelings [Trapped in their cells]

colonies and outposts: The M.E.G., The wandering trader base aid, The survivors, The medicational team

entrances and exits: To enter, noclip a worn down wall in Level 11 to end up here. Enter any metal door to end up here by chance. By eating the medicine the doctor facelings gave in Level 14 or Level 21, you can end up here. Lie on a grey bed in Level ! to end up here. To exit, open the front door to lead to Level 0. Noclip the cell to end up in Level 111. Break the ceiling to end up in Level Inverted.

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