Level 157
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Danger level: Unsafe

Description: Level 157 is a distopian hotel that spans over 500 million miles in length and height. The hotel is 5 meter in every corresponding height and floors being range from 0-1780. Each floor contains a level key or an item that could be of use. There is a fountain in the middle which spews out water and there are multiple almond water dispensers. The bottom floor is where most wanderers end up. The receptionst is the only friendly entity and will guide you to your room of choice. These are the only rooms that is hostile. Room 13, Room 666, and Room 800. Sometimes along the corridor, you may find occasional vase or a plant. There is no restaurant of buffet here, hence almond water and chocosnacks being the best food choice in this level.

Entities: Skin stealers, smilers, clumps, facelings

Colonies and outposts: None

Entrances and exit:
-Find a hotel in Level 11
-Find a blue button in Level 1 to end up here
-Noclip a brown surface in Level 8901
-Fall down a hole in Level 8

-Enter any room to end up in an unsafe or safe level that is room 1 to 900

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