Level 168
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Danger level: Unsafe

Description: Level 168 is an inverted level of Level 0. It has blue walls, blue ceiling and the flourscent light bulb is silent. The area is very cooling but if went deeper, the wanderer might succumb to sheer cold. The level is more dangerous than level 0 but much safer than Level 1. Sometimes, there will be an exit door that leads to Level 9081278.

Colonies and outposts: The blue guys, Air Duct Outposts, Food forger colonist

Entities: Hounds, Skin stealers, Dullers and potentially smilers.

Entrances and exits: Break the ceiling in level 0 to end up here. Paint the room blue in Level 978 to enter level 168. To exit, noclip any darker walls to end up in Level 11, Level 33 or Level 3999.

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