Level 17
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This Level Has Become More Dangerous, The Wanderers Who Came In Here Did Not Survive For More Than Five Minutes, Visit It At Your Own Risk


Description: Level 17 is an infinite corridor of a submarine. The tunnel is approximately 12 feet high and the width of it could not even fit more than 2 people unless they lie log position. This level will be instantly flooded in five minutes which is completely drown the wanderer unless they got into 700 thousand miles into the tunnel which the floor will immediately drop them down into the thing on level 7. Before even that happened, exposed dullers will run like crazy to the wanderer unless two or more people maintained eye contact. This level was not like this before and was even considered safe until when the clown in Level 22 decided to corrupt this Level before being captured by the M.E.G.

Entities: So far only 3 documented entities which are the lightnings, the thing of level 7 and dullers

Colonies and outposts: Only one which is the underwater sub-submarine

Entrances and exits: Climb into a submarine in Level 7 or noclip any submarine toy in the backrooms.

I am seriously unsure if there is even a way to escape this Level but if you do noclip the walls you will just end up in Level Minus 2 which is highly not advisable.

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