Level 173
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Danger level: Unsecure

Description: Level 173 is the 174th level of the backrooms. Level 173 is a hallway of greenish pink familiarity. Being a liminal level, this level is also a danger to sanity levels. There is a creature that lurks in the hallways. Any phenomenal activities can occur due to the nature of this level. It is also one of the most insecure levels, meaning entities can freely phase through the wall. Each corridor will contain at least 6 to 7 hallways, and a hallway will have a 30% chance to spawn a red door. Neon Fluorescent light bulbs emit the Level 74 effect. There is a 1 in 10 possibility that a path would be blocked by green stripped cones. Highly likely, the creature that lurks in this level is nesting. Under no circumstances look at the creature in any way. Ignore it as much as possible. You will know if the creature is nearby when there are blood stains on the walls.

Entties: The nostangalis

Colonies and outposts: The Survivors

Entrances and exits:
-Enter a yellow door in Level 80
-Noclip a blue floor in Level 168

-Find a red door to enter Level !
-Noclip the ceiling to end up in Level 1
-Wander far enough to end up in Level 144

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