Level 18
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Danger Level: Safe [ But it would be dangerous when the wanderer listens to the voice. ]

Description: Level 18 depends on a persons childhood. If the persons childhood contained many exciting memories, nostalgic elements contained in the memories will exist in this level. There are voices which are the ones that can cause a wanderer to be depressed. They voiced out the sins and the wanderers wrongdoings which may eventually lead to suicide. However this is unlikely as when a wanderer is depressed or emotionally hurt, an entity called the The Plush Dino will activate and make its way to the wanderer. Sometimes Plush Droplet or Welly can be found wandering in this level as they are representatives of happy memories. Most of the times, multiple Wellys are found idling or voicing out one word which is "Welly" randomly. The plush dino or the plush droplet might come to the wanderer and help them. They might lead them to The Hub or a way to escape the level. No entities are present in this level. However, if the wanderer has bad memories or have no childhood memories at all, the level is simply blank with a black void surrounding the wanderer.

Colonies and outposts: The welling group. Entity outpost 198 and 223

Entities: The plush dino, Welly, Partygoers [ exterminated ]

Entrances and exits: If stayed long enough in Level Fun =) the wanderer might find himself or herself in level 18. Feeling an overwhelming sense of nostalgia is likely to end up in this Level. Noclip a store named "Nostalgical Items" in Level 6.1. To exit, you can follow the plush dino or welly to escape to the hub or a random level with danger level of neutral or safe.

Additional notes:
In the 1967, this Level used to have a serious infestation of partygoers unless if the wanderer had no happy childhood memories, however, partypoopers and The M.E.G managed to kill off the last remaining partygoer and from then onwards no traces of the partygoer is found in this level.

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