Level 19
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Danger Level: Very Dangerous

Description: This level consists of an infinite long attic that stretches on forever. This level is infested with Crawlers and the wooden floor is so brittle that when a person of 78 kilograms enters the level, the floor will break which will lead them to Level 9 house. If the attic is suddenly becoming warmer, you must move away from the heat as fast as possible. Once you feel the heat is no longer, continue until you see a door which will lead you to Level 1. The heat is theorized to be lava which surprisingly does not burn the wooden tile board.

Entities: Only crawlers

Colonies and outposts: None

Entrances and exits: Climb up the attic of level 9 house, noclip a wooden floor board from Level 27. To exit, break the floor to end up in level 9 house, find a door to end up in level 1, break the ceiling to end up in Level 42.

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