Level 192
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Danger level: Moderate

Description: Level 192 takes place of a liminal shopping mall. There are refridgerators catagorized by meat products which are expired. The shopping mall is approximately 80 feet tall and the exit of the mall is yet to be found. There is a freezer area and there supplies healthy diet drinks. The mall is emptyand sometimes dullers can be seen. The shopping mall can also go from food section to chairs and tables construction area. The sopping mall gradually gets older the longer the wanderer stays in the mall. The tiles are surprisingly clean and the mall is titled "groccery from the back and rooms".

Entities: Stall holders, Dullers

Colonies and outposts: There is no colonies or outpost

Entrances and exit: Noclip and fruit to end up in Level Food or just enter by noclipping a bed in level 7 or level 11

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