Level 2
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Unidentified Entity in Level 2. Photographer unknown and presumed dead.

Danger Level: Dangerous

Description: Level 2 resembles a sewage system of lined pipes that seems to always stretch out in one direction. The hallways are claustrophobic and filled with very dangerous entities. Death Rats can be seen commonly in the level. The heat in level 2 is equivalent to that of the Sahara Desert or 41-56 degrees Celsius. The chances of getting back to reality are even slimmer as Level 2 is filled with very tight spaces, not allowing distortion to take place. There is little light and sometimes complete darkness.

Entities: Smilers, Dullers, Death Rats, Skin Stealers, Clumps [ aggressive ], Lightnings [ hostile ], Partygoers [ unlikely but chances are never 0 ].

Group Bases/Outposts: The M.E.G. base Exploration, and The Workers of Level 2.

Wandering Traders Base Alpha-7: A Wandering Traders Base built in Level 2 to aid ones who need help here.

Entrances/Exits You can enter by noclipping in Level 34. Enter here through a small corridor of Level 1, or noclipping in the pipes of Level 5. Exiting this level is almost impossible. Finding an unlocked door might bring you to Level 3, which is highly not recommended. You can also exit by entering a sewage pipe which leads to Level 3, this is also not recommended.

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