Level 20 001
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Danger level: Safe


Description: Level 20001 comprises of a small bedroom with beige walls. There is a singular entity sitting behind a black blanket. A welly droplet. There is a door to the left that allows the wanderer to exit into the frontrooms. The entity will become a soft toy after it was brought to the frontrooms

Entities: Plush water droplet

Colonies and outposts: None

Entrances and exits:

Entrances: Noclip a stripwall paper of level 0. Lie down on a bed in level ! to end up here. Sleep on a grey bed on level 11 stall.

Exits: Exit the door to go to the frontrooms. Jump out the window to go to level 9. Hug to droplet for 5 minutes to end up in Level Awww.

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